Core Restore BT


Liver and digestive Detox Kit

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Product Description

Core Restore is a comprehensive 7-day diet, lifestyle and nutrient program to reduce toxic burden and support phase I and II liver detoxification function. Each Core Restore BT Kit includes:

Core Support protein powder


Nutritional support for phase II liver detoxification.

PhytoCore capsules

Phytonutrients for improved phase I & II liver detoxification.

Alpha Base capsules without iron

Comprehensive multivitamin formula providing key minerals and nutrients necessary for enhanced toxin biotransformation.

Core Restore Patient Guide

Step-by-step instructions, dietary schedule, recipes and grocery list for better patient compliance.

Portable Hand Mixer

Powerful battery powered spin-mixer for smooth, quick protein shakes on-the-go.

A proper detoxification program can be an effective tool for tuning up your patient̀¢

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