How We Got Started

At The Alpine Clinic our approach to medicine is to provide to you information, knowledge and tools to achieve better health. We believe that better health comes through knowledge and application of mindful health practices. We believe strong and improved health can be achieved through good information about how the body works, and by a proper balance of quality vitamins, minerals and supplements to support the human body.

When Dr. Dianne Farley-Jones began the Alpine Clinic she quickly learned that finding quality supplements that meet her high standards was a challenge for her patients. As the internet began to take shape and the world of online shopping became the norm, it has become even more difficult to find trusted sources. Dr. Farley-Jones took it upon herself to do the hard work of sourcing vitamins, minerals and supplements for her patients so that she knew they were getting the best.

Every company and product in our Dispensary has been personally researched by Dr. Farley-Jones and her team. We have done the service of finding the best and highest quality sources so that you don’t have to! You can be confident you are getting the best.

We know that you can go to the local drug store or supermarket and find many of the same vitamins and supplements you will find in The Dispensary. But are you confident those supplements are of the highest quality and have meet stringent quality control standard?